Chinese Soul Food | Hot Pot!
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Hot Pot! Oct. 22: Hot Stove Society

Hot Pot! Oct. 22: Hot Stove Society

Hot Stove Society

If you’ve ever seen other diners enjoying a hot pot at a Chinese restaurant and wondered how and what to order, this is the class for you! Sitting around a steaming, bubbling hot pot is an excellent way to share a meal with family and friends. Instructor Hsiao-Ching Chou – who teaches our popular Potsticker Love classes – will teach you about the basic equipment you need and how to select and prepare ingredients. After Hsiao-Ching’s demo and lesson, you’ll break into teams and set up ingredients for a hot pot, hands-on. We’ll provide an authentic Chinese hot pot and burner for every team, and we’ll set out ingredients so you can “shop” for the foods you prefer. The members of each team will cook their ingredients in the simmering broth, then everyone will sit down and eat together. You’ll go home with a great party idea, especially for a chilly fall or winter’s evening.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Different styles of hot pots and the culture around it
  • Basic equipment and etiquette
  • How to make Hsiao-Ching’s favorite broth- demo
  • How to select and prepare the essential ingredients for hot pot- demo and hands-on
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